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Montclair High School Soccer Boys' Booster Club

Fall 2021 Season

Preseason Training Schedule:

  • Returning players team camp will run August 9th-14th
  • All players and incoming freshmen preseason starts August 16th
  • Detailed dates and times for each team are shown below
  • Any questions please contact Coach Weaver

Regular Season Game Schedule:

Preseason Detail: This is a tentative schedule. Times and locations are always subject to change but usually will fall within one of the time slots for the different levels (7:00 - 9:30 AM , 9:30 -11:00 AM , 5:30 - 8:00 PM). Freshman schedule will usually stay the same but there are times that the Varsity and JV will swap times. The coaching staff must take different variables into account such as weather, player fatigue, and adjustments with other teams using the fields. We have always shared the field with Girls’ Soccer but this year with Watchung Field being resurfaced, we have the added limitation with Girls’ Field Hockey using Fortunato for the Pre-Season. If there is a change in the location/time the coaches will be communicating these changes with the PLAYERS. We will let them know at a prior practice if we foresee a change or if something needs to be changed in the evening, we will post in the player Facebook page. If your child is not allowed to have Facebook, your child should let their coach know and we will figure out a way to make sure they are made aware of changes. 

Notice for Incoming Freshmen and New Players

Please notify Coach Weaver at and include your player's name, player email addresses, email addresses for all parents/caregivers, and class year for the upcoming school year (e.g., freshman, sophomore). Please also copy the booster club on the email at

2020 Varsity: Undefeated. Champions.

Congratulations to Coach Weaver, Coach Chiles, and Coach Murphy on guiding the Montclair Boys' Varsity team to an undefeated season. Best team in Essex County and state sectional champions.

Congratulations to Coach Steve Moore and Coach John Moore on hugely successful seasons as well with the JV and Freshman teams.

Across the program, the teams finished a combined 33-1-4.


2020 Varsity Team, Varsity Captains, and Seniors

Varsity Captains: Aidan McGrath, Felipe Gutierrez, Dylan Schulman, Soren Tollis (Left to Right)

Seniors: Front row - Felipe Gutierrez, Aidan McGrath, TJ Krongard, Michael Callejas, Dylan Schulman, Soren Tollis. Standing - Lincoln Adams, Stefan Boskovic, James Modiano, Julian Shorter, Luca Campbell, Isaiah Padillo, Nicholas Georgiou, Ben Ceccio, Jonas Taylor-Lillquist, Jameson Thatcher, Xavier Harris, Noah Dinnal (Left to Right)

Welcome to the Fall 2020 Season

Welcome to the 2020 Season! Below is some important information to note as the coaches and players look to start pre-season practices September 14th.

The coaching staff for the 2020 season is shown below. Every one of the coaches played for the high school. It is a sign of their connection and commitment to the program that they are back leading our boys.

  • Toure Weaver - Varsity head coach and overall program head coach
  • Jon Chiles - Varsity assistant coach
  • Oliver Murphy - Varsity assistant coach 
  • Stephen Moore - Junior Varsity head coach
  • John Moore - Freshmen head coach

How we communicate: We have multiple communication vehicles to get out basic info to parents as well as to create some enthusiasm about the accomplishments of our players and the teams.

Volunteer opportunities: There are a number of ways parents can join in. Most require no more than an hour a week of activity. If you are interested in any of the roles below, reach out and let us know now.  Roles that have been filled are not shown. 

  • Banquet coordinator (if we have one) - partially filled, looking for 1-2 additional volunteers
  • Program book for banquet
  • Banquet video
  • Game photography - If there are parent volunteers who are skilled photographers and would be interested in doing this, please let us know ASAP.  
  • Game video coordinator - If there are any parent volunteers who are skilled videographers and who would be interested in shooting game video for those who cannot attend the games, please let us know ASAP.  
  • Future executive board members - The current board is either senior parents or alumni parents. We are looking for volunteers who can step into these roles next year and as many years into the future as possible.

How we raise money: Asking for money is not fun but it is necessary. Our big fundraisers are below. We will send out more info once the teams have been formed:

  • Merchandise sales - COMPLETE
  • Car wash - date to be scheduled
  • Booster club dues - will be gathered via SportsEngine after teams have been finalized
  • General donations - will be gathered via a fundraising site
  • Banquet fees
  • Ad sales in the yearbook

Ready when the players are....


2020 Dues Payments

Coming soon

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